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RN: Protect What's Yours!

Those bastards! Who do they think they are, killers!? You stand in front of your son, guarding his life! ...He then tells you they are friends, not foes. ...Well... Guess it's time to calm down and let them proceed!

> You: Proceed with Confidence

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don’t buy colgate whitening toothpaste

it says guaranteed whiteness in 14 days

15 days have come and gone

and i am still asian

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Tumblr, I Need Your Help
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This is Hokutens-and-Assassins! I’m going to tell you a little bit about me and a bit of history before I get to my point:

I’m and 21 (about to turn 22) nonbinary person. I live in a small town in Southeast Michigan and unfortunately, the town is far away from anything at all. In fact, there is only one way to get in and out of it and I don’t necessarily like anyone around in the area I live. I just found a job a couple of months ago at the Salvation Army and I am happy at my job and life is starting to look up.

There is just one small problem, which brings the history (in a nutshell).

When I was around 13, my dad married a woman, who I would say is nothing less than an evil stepmother. Her greatest weakness is alcohol, which turned her from a bossy woman to an over-exaggerated violent bitch. She would yell at my dad for the dumbest stuff, accuse him of cheating, and if they got really drunk, she would cause a physical fight with him. In fact, she began to do the same thing to me; accused me of having sex with my ex and being pregnant, demanding why I was on the computer all the time, why I ate so much… When I ignored her she would whack me across the head and I would fight her right back. One day I asked my dad whether he was going to choose me or her. In February of my Junior year in high school, I went to foster care, which means he made his choice to be with her and not save me. Within the next year, he did everything to get me back and I was finally back home with him. But unfortunately, the years went by and he made the choice to be with her again…

Today, she is “trying” to control her drinking, but while she is failing at that, she is still yelling at my dad all the time and I am getting worried that I’m going to be caught in it all again, which will cause more anxiety in my life and I will be scarred even further…

But there is a very small light in this. I made a great friend in a Dungeons and Dragons group and he has given me the opportunity to live in the happiest city of all America, Salt Lake City, Utah. There’s only one catch though; Even if I made the full decision to move there, I wouldn’t have any money to help my friend with the rent. The reason is because I get paid minimum wage and I use all of it on helping him out with things and food and gas for myself. And even if I transfer my job, there is no guarantee that I will have the job because they may not be hiring or needing people.

In short, I need get out of my house in order to move to a more suitable environment for me and to get away from all the stress so I don’t have more anxiety than I already have.

This is where you guys could come in. I need your help in order to get to this point. As always, I have commissions open in order to achieve this and I also have a Paypal account that you could donate to. Here is the milestones I want to reach (these milestones are totals):

$1500 - The visiting point: This will give me a flight, car, and hotel to visit the area for a week and will give me a chance to fully decide. (Keep in mind this was simulated in April 2015, so prices for the plane will vary.)

$4000 - The staying point: If I decide to stay in Salt Lake, with the money, I will be able to stay in an apartment for about 3-4 months while I work hard to find a job, if my job doesn’t transfer.

But wait HaA! How do we know that you won’t use the money for personal gain and scamming us? Simple! For one, I have a Paypal account I rarely use anymore and I found out how to use my debit card for making purchases on eBay and all that, so I will most likely never use it. Second, I’m being serious about doing this. If I didn’t need help with doing this, I would’ve never asked for your help.

I know $5500 is a lot of money and a long shot to get to, but I know Tumblr has helped out other people in need, and to be honest, I need this. I need to get out of my depressing life for good and stay with people that won’t use me or will cause me anxiety.

As always, my commission list is here.

If you can’t donate or commission then at least reblog this to get the word out.

Please, my future depends on this. I know it’s not the greatest cause to donate to, and I hate to ask, but I need this for a better life. Thank you so much if you are able to help.

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i turned 13 eight years ago and i’m still upset about never having been in the KND



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SO CUTE I love themmmm

i’m really glad this gifset exists because this passes way too quick in the show

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